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Right Price Conversions includes:

  • Power hoist or Ramp
  • An engineer’s certificate
  • Heavy duty rear spring
  • All appropriate restraints
The conversion process takes approximately 5 weeks.
Conversions completed by Right Price Conversions are all Australian Disability Standards compliant complying to all relevant Australian design rules and all conversions comes with certificate of compliance.

  • AS 2942-1994 Wheelchair Occupant Restraint Assemblies for Motor Vehicles.
  • AS 3856 Hoists and Ramps for People with Disabilities – Vehicle-Mounted.
  • AS 10542 – 2009 Technical systems and aids for disabled or handicapped persons—Wheelchair tie-down and occupant-restraint systems
  • VSB 5A – Commercial Manufacture and Installation of Additional Seats
  • VSB 14 – National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification
From the disabled customers perspective Right Price Conversions have designed the wheelchair section so that they feel like they are part of the car and on equal terms with the other passengers on board.
They feel safe, secure and comfortable.
From the driver’s perspective the vehicles have the acknowledged KIA and Toyota durability. They are inexpensive to buy, maintain and repair compared to other comparable vehicles.
After Right Price Conversions have completed the conversion the vehicles can seat the driver plus 7 people; or 5 people plus a wheelchair.
All conversions are done in-house by Right Price Conversions own licensed mechanics, panel beaters and body makers.