About Us


People ask how we can be so competitive with comments like “your product is automatic, how can it cost less as well ?”

We are a small well establish company with five employees.  Two fully qualified engineers, Two first class welders and one architect/panel beater.

The company is not structured “top heavy” as all employees carries their own weight and are working on our products as well as having their areas of responsibilities within the management.

Hi dedication, involvement and standards are the norm and everyone’s ideas are heard. This makes us highly innovative as we improve the product we have perfected over many years and also optimized the production process to keep costs down even more.

To summarize how we can offer our unique patented electric floor wheelchair conversion to the highest standards using the best material more cost effective than any other wheelchair conversion out there, it all comes down to a few single key features in structuring the company and having the right mentality.


George Zisti (Director of Right Price Conversions) have held a Taxi licence in Australia since 1965. Senior taxi drivers where approached by the Ministry of Transport NSW to see if anyone was interested in introducing a wheelchair accessible taxi service to Sydney. Not long after that, George became the first taxi driver operating a wheelchair accessible Mercedes taxi in Sydney.

George notched another first when, after a rigorous assessment of passenger comfort, vehicle reliability, and costs of purchase and maintenance, he changed to a Toyota Tarago taxi: George was the first taxi driver in Australia to do so. George literally took a tape measure and a wheelchair to assess various vehicles available and their suitability for wheelchair conversions. Every assessment brought back the same answer – the Toyota Tarago.

In 2004, after seeing a gap in the market for cost effective Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle conversions, George decided to start up Right Price Conversions. His aim is to provide a better wheelchair conversion service to taxi drivers and private vehicle owners. He is ideally placed to do so given both his vast knowledge of the taxi industry and his experience driving a wheelchair accessible vehicle and servicing wheelchair passengers.

In 2005 the current factory for Right Price Conversions was opened. Later that year, the Former Premier of NSW, the Hon. Barry Unsworth, as head of the Wheelchair Accessible Taxis Task force, visited our factory with Mr Arthur Rogers from the Ministry of Transport. Both were impressed with our conversions and Mr Unsworth commented: “This is the most suitable vehicle to be used as a wheelchair accessible taxi.”

Since 2007 Right Price Conversions have converted numerous vehicles for private use for families with disabled children through money raised by Variety – the children’s charity. We are proud to have participated in this event and are happy to promote and work with any such venture in the future.