Portable Ramp Conversion

  1. Ramp is easily portable and lightweight, allowing you to use the ramp whenever required. The ramps are made using a combination of carbon materials and unidirectional fiberglass that gives the ramp additional strength – minus the extra weight. The multi-panel design is held together with a patented hinge structure that is also connected by webbing. The ramp folds easily into a concertina style and which makes it easy to use and store away for later use. It is also equipped with a non-slip surface, as well as pads at the top and bottom of the ramp for added safety. The ramp does not require assembly 

2.  Benefits of the Decpac Ramps :
Easily portable for vehicle transportation and quick storage
Lightweight and strong yet light enough to be easily transported
Compact with a concertina system that allows the ramp to fold into a storable size
The non-slip surface is suitable for all weather conditions and proves added safety
The ramp is ready for immediate use and does not require assembly
Wider and longer than a personal ramp and is ideal for travel and commercial usage. 

3. we offer this type of conversion (as a alternative to our electrical lowering floor) to all vehicle makes and model that we convert.