Wheelchair Accessible Toyota Kluger


Right Price Conversions is known for introducing new products and being the leading innovators in the market. With the introduction of the no ramp patent design and bringing the Toyota Torago Taxi, Honda Odyssey, Kia sorrento into the market and now  we are proud to introduce the game changer, using the highest quality materials, built by our fully qualified team and tested by RMS  approved engineers. with out refined design we are proud to introduce the all new wheelchair accessibility Toyota kluger.

key featuers:

Aluminium, that’s right we use aluminium in our modification to minimise corrosion and rust finished of with our high grade marine carpet. all welds done by licence welders and coated  with rust aqua rust proof . our modified suspension gives you a more comfortable ride than the traditional axle rear suspension which has been tested and passed to Australian standards. with no ramp, this allows you to drop off and pick up the wheelchair passenger with no hassle or planing, simply park any where as there is no bulky extending ramp. this conversion is proven to be the easiest on the market. with our highly qualified team and 14 years of experience in wheelchair modification you can be assured that we will only bring you the highest quality conversions that are built to last.


Width 800mm x length 1280mm x internal height 1450mm x entry height 1700mm